10 Famous Red Light Areas In Agra

Red Light Areas In Agra

To raise awareness and solve the social difficulties associated with red light areas, it is crucial to comprehend their presence and existence. We may expect improved answers and support networks for the persons concerned by throwing light on these areas. Let’s examine the top 10 notorious red light areas in Agra and discover more about their past, present, and social effects.

List of Agra’s Red Light Areas

Taj Ganj

Taj Ganj, one of the oldest and most well-known red light areas in Agra, is situated close to the famous Taj Mahal. Taj Ganj serves a distinct clientele from that of the Taj Mahal, which draws visitors from all over the world. There are quite a few brothels in the region, which has generated controversy and discussion.


Another well-known red light area in Agra is Balkeshwar. The Balkeshwar Temple neighborhood attracts a regular stream of tourists, especially those looking for the red-light area’s services. It is critical to acknowledge the difficulties the persons engaged are facing and seek to give them greater possibilities.

Raja Ki Mandi

A busy neighborhood in Agra called Raja Ki Mandi is well-known for its thriving marketplaces and commercial activity. It is also known as a red light area, where several clandestine brothels operate. Raja Ki Mandi’s cohabitation of such diametrically opposed components creates a complicated social dynamic that demands consideration and comprehension.


Another location with a red-light area is Shamsabad, which is outside of Agra. Shamsabad contributes significantly to the landscape of Agra’s red-light areas while being smaller than other places. It is essential to address the difficulties experienced by those who operate in these fields and offer them resources for assistance and rehabilitation.


Belanganj is a notorious red-light area that lies close to the banks of the Yamuna River. Numerous social and economic concerns exist in the region, and it is crucial to handle these problems with compassion and understanding. We can work toward a society that offers equal opportunities and support for everyone by addressing the underlying problems.

Pratap Pura 

The Agra neighborhood of Pratap Pura has earned a reputation for being a red-light area. The neighborhood has a sizable number of brothels, and the difficulties experienced by those working in this field underline the necessity for extensive social welfare programs and support systems.


Chhipitola, a red light area in the center of Agra, has generated controversy and discussion. It is vital to address this matter with tact and empathy, realizing the complexity of the situation and working for long-term solutions that put everyone’s well-being first.

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In addition to being famed for its thriving marketplaces and rich cultural history, Shahganj is also known as a red-light area in Agra. The contrast between Shahganj’s bustling business center and the presence of a red-light area emphasizes the need for extensive social changes and measures that address the problems encountered by those working in this profession.


Another location in Agra that has become well-known for its red-light area is Mantola. Understanding the socioeconomic aspects that contribute to red light areas’ existence and bringing empathy to the challenges surrounding these regions is crucial. By doing this, we may fight to build a society where everyone has the same possibilities.

Kamla Nagar

Agra’s Kamla Nagar is one of the city’s most well-known red-light areas due to the large number of brothels it is home to. The difficulties encountered by those working in this field underline the significance of putting policies in place that deal with the underlying issues and provide assistance for their rehabilitation and general well-being.

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